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Free Electrical Survey

When was the last time you had an electrical survey in your home or business premises? Any property should be surveyed regularly, due to the potential danger of electronics that are not properly installed or maintained, which means that a service like this, providing you with a completely free and entirely reliable electrical survey is a fantastic opportunity to get the job done.

The purpose of an electrical survey is to; highlight potential dangers within premises and electrical systems, to provide an easy to read report from a qualified assessor which advises on needed renew or repair and often to fulfil a condition of your insurance policies, which frequently state periodic requirements for electrical surveys. There are of course signs that your're in need of an electrical survey such as old wiring, a wooden backed fuse box, found pin sockets or light switches and light switches on the wall of a bathroom.

For all of your electrical needs contact JR Wood; the widely recognised and respected North East Electrical Contractors

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